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Rubio Monocoat

Next-Generation wood protection, unique 1 layer application that consists of plant-based, 100% VOC-free oil finishes of exceptional style and durability.

Luna Wood

Thermally modified Scandinavian Pine and Spruce inspiring amazing and versatile projects around the world, making wooden designs more innovative than ever.

MSquare Finishes & Sourcing

The sourcing and installation arm of MSpec Services. Bringing the right product at the right price to your project.

Mixx Cement

A revolutionary, metamorphic transformation with Mixx Cement, cement with style.


About Us

After years of working in the building materials industry and being skilled in product specifications, key account management, negotiations, network building, brand marketing and business development, we made the leap of faith to consult independently.

Our love for textures and design aspects within and around the building industry inspired us to look at how we could use our skills not just to benefit ourselves but also well-respected manufacturers, suppliers and building professionals with co-pollination branding and marketing opportunities. Product synergy within a basket of products.

MSpec Services enables us to not just specify and market for one company but a few selected companies that would compliment each other and assist our network of professionals, with only the best products and services through product specifications, samples, recommendations, pricing and sourcing.

MSpec Services identifies and provide great solutions to complement each project specified. Our main objective is to deliver pertinent and accurate supplier information to enable your ease of specification.

Therefore, MSpec Services are the dedicated but independent specification arm of selected brands in the build environment, with focus on retail, corporate, residential and hospitality projects




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